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Margie Moore's Pictures dec2011

Joe's Pictures from Colorado 27-29 Feb, 2008

Day 1:  A-Basin

Day 2:  Keystone with Lennie

Day 3:  A-Basin & Loveland Pass

Quicktime Slideshow (1280x960 12.2 MB)

Bob's Interview on The World June 24, 2005 (requires Windows Media Player)

Darien FD Live Audio

Joe's Dexter, ME Area Fire Scanner (RealPlayer recommended)

Joe's Unofficial UMFD web site

20th Century Music Ensemble - University of Maine, Spring 1987

Hong Kong Pictures - November, 2005

Joe's Pictures Day 1

Joe's Pictures Day 3

Jim's pictures - Ferry ride to Shen Zhen

Jim's Pictures - Hong Kong

Jim's Pictures - Shen Zhen

Kjell's Pictures